And they call it superhero love

If you're struggling to think of a suitable Valentine present to give your nearest and dearest, why not say it with 'super-villains' with a 14 day free trial of City of Villains.

Publisher NCsoft is allowing present users to give the gift of a two week trial in the MMORPG where superheroes and villains struggle for control of Paragon City.

If the recipient of this truly romantic gift activates the invitation before 13 March, both giver and receiver will be rewarded with two unique costumes for use in-game – the victory laurel and the hellenic sandals. You know it makes sense as girls are suckers for new shoes.

Further proof that Paragon City is the true capital of romance, Eros the god of love has descended upon the city to promote peace and harmony. Heroes and villains can use this as an opportunity to join forces and undertake co-op missions which, if completed successfully, will unlock a unique clothing item called the patrician toga.

Then, afterwards, the newly formed partnerships will be able to go down to the Pocket D club and dance the night away.