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Best Amazon Prime Day headset deals: enhance your audio experience in both single and multiplayer

Amazon Prime Day 2020 headset deals
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There are some seriously tempting Amazon Prime Day headset deals available right now thanks to the plethora of Amazon Prime Day deals running across October 13- 14. Of course, that does mean that if there are any of these Amazon Prime Day headset deals that take your fancy, you'll want to swoop on them sooner rather than later, as once the clock ticks midnight in your time zone, all the deals will be gone. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of Amazon Prime Day headset deals to be had still, with top discounts on brands like Razer headsets and Turtle Beach headsets to headphones that are the perfect fit for an audiophile (like a Sennheiser gaming headset). Basically, if you can think of a headset manufacturer, Amazon's probably going to have it on sale this Prime Day.

However, with such a tidal wave of potential discounts, the hard thing can be picking out the best Amazon Prime Day headset deals for you. But that's where we step in. We have years of experience in consumer and gaming tech, knowing what makes peripherals good or excellent, and, as a result, what makes a good deal. For example, a good deal on a premium headset might not see it come down to a ridiculously cheap price at first glance, but if it's the lowest it's been for a while, or it's offering features and qualities just not present in the headsets of a similar price tag, then that's when to strike.

Just remember, you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to take advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day headset deals. If you don't fancy committing, and you're eligible for one, you can always take out a free trial and then cancel your membership once the event is over. Simple.

And lastly, even if there aren't savings directly on Amazon itself for their Prime Day sales, other retailers and manufacturers will quickly adjust prices and slash price tags to compete for your money as alternative Prime Day deals. That's why your chances of picking up one of the best gaming headsets at a discounted price this Autumn could be very excellent indeed.

Amazon Prime Day headset deals - US

Amazon Prime Day headset deals - UK

Amazon Prime Day deals - do I need membership?

Amazon Prime Day game deals: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC

Yup, unsurprisingly, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime to be able to take advantage of the deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020. 

Also, for those already with memberships, there could be some subscription discounts and deals to extend your Prime membership. Don't forget that membership stacks, so your new subscription won't actually start until the old one finishes.

While you'll have to sign up to get the deals, and you get the TV service, remember that another advantage of Prime membership is that you get free next-day (or two-day) delivery. This is excellent especially given the timing with Black Friday and Xmas just around the corner from the October date for Prime Day.

However, be prepared for some delays as Amazon can sometimes struggle to fill the sheer volume of orders around big sale events like Prime Day and Black Friday. This isn't always the case, but being prepared won't hurt.

What else is on sale?

Naturally, it won't just be headsets on offer during a sales event like Prime Day. Alongside these, you'll often find a lot of hard drive deals, some discounted games, and a lot of home tech. It's also a great time to look for deals on the best gaming monitors and best gaming TV too, for example. You'll also be able to pick up excellent deals on PC components and parts, so if you're building your own rig, Prime Day is a great time to snag some new stuff like one of the best gaming monitors or even a gaming laptop deal or cheap gaming PC.

And, of course, an Amazon Prime day wouldn't be complete without lots of Amazon products where you can see discounts of 25%, sometimes higher, on most of its own products like Fire TV sticks, the Kindle Fire tablets, and the Echo range.

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