A Little Tenderness

John Polson – a man who should know a thing or two about directing films in which teens have murder on their minds after Swimfan – will direct Tenderness.

The plot follows a teen serial killer and a 16-year-old runaway who falls under his spell. It’s based on a novel by Robert Cormier and has been adapted by screenwriter Emil Stern.

"Robert Cormier's novel is a sublime story. It is so rare to find a dramatic thriller about this age group," John Penotti, President of production company GreeneStreet Films told Variety.

We’re just hoping it’s not Natural Born Killers lite. And Polson’s track record hasn’t exactly been stellar: he followed up the distinctly average Swimfan with the frankly-pants Hide & Seek. Still, we’re reserving final judgement until Tenderness is on the screen.