Urban Chaos: Riot Response

The Hope Street Police Station is already swarming with masked thugs and practically engulfed in flames by the time the cavalry arrives. Our armored police wagon smashes through the gate and into the snowy precinct courtyard, and as a lifeless punk slides off our hood, our sergeant kicks open the doors and we spill out onto the pavement. We're not five seconds out of the van when the pyromaniacs who call themselves the Burners crash a garbage truck through the outer wall, blowing up a police truck and turning an unfortunate cop into a sprawled-out fireball in the process.

Oh, it's on now.

As our character, a rookie riot cop named Nick Mason, wades into the wreckage-strewn war zone, a few Burners jump in over the outer wall and are quickly cut down by a few police officers. The cops yell to us for help, so we dodge Molotovs, take cover and put down the attackers with a few quick pistol shots. One vaults over and charges at us with a cleaver, but we stop him cold with a jolt from our taser. Just to be safe, we keep it on him until he bursts into flames. Then we steal his cleaver.


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