A bundle of delightful Minecraft gear's just hit XBLA ahead of the game's launch next quarter. Since Microsoft's gone to all the trouble of designing a HD avatar system and reshaping the figures to make them look more like you and porting them into Kinect and so forth, obviously the best way to thank the company is by shrinking your head down to 6 polygons and carrying items with less pixels than most games use in one frame, right?

Minecraft 360's due for launch in the coming months; we previewed the game earlier in the month and found a title that's already packing a few features to make computer players jealous. Microsoft has confirmed that it'll be streamlining its testing process for the game, allowing more frequent updates to keep up with Notch's constant stream of new content. That sort of dedication is the kind of thing that's liable to get an avatar hat named after you.

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