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Your Ultimate Saturday Night Movie Line-Up

That’s what SFX ’s sister mag, DVD & Blu-ray Review , wants to know. Take part in a major new film survey

To celebrate the relaunch of DVD & Blu-ray Review , the UK’s only dedicated title to all things home entertainment, we want to find out about your perfect night in. We’re canvassing the nation to find out just what you get up to on the sofa on a Saturday night, who you’re doing it with, and, most importantly, that magical movie that you’re popping in the player.

And we’re prepared to handsomely reward those willing to assist us in our quest, too. Take part in our massive UK survey and you could win the ultimate night in every night courtesy of DVD & Blu-ray Review , with prizes including a brand spanking new flatscreen TV, the latest Blu-ray player, hundreds of movies and lots, lots more.

All you need to do is get clicking , and then we’ll let you get back to your movies...