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When does Modern Warfare season 4 start?

Modern Warfare season 4
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Due to the Black Lives Matter protests happening around the world, Modern Warfare and Warzone season 4 was just one of the many events delayed as a result. So when is Modern Warfare season 4? Activision hasn't announced an official date yet but we've got some information on a potential Warzone season 4 start date, so read on to know when you should be jumping back into both Call of Duty Modern Warfare (opens in new tab) and Call of Duty Warzone (opens in new tab).

When is Modern Warfare & Warzone season 4?

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So when is the Modern Warfare and Warzone season 4 start date? At the time of writing, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have made that call. The statement simply says that both Modern Warfare season 4 and Call of Duty Mobile season 7 will be moved to "later dates". It's highly likely that Activision is waiting for an end to everything going on in the real world before committing to a new date, which is completely understandable.

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However, Twitter account Geeky Pastimes has datamined some info that reveals the season 4 update may be coming on June 10. Of course, this could well be incorrect as it would mean the original season has only been delayed by a week, but it does appear like some challenges will go live then.

Modern Warfare season 4 isn't the only thing to have been delayed, either: Sony postponed their upcoming PlayStation 5 event (opens in new tab) due to the same circumstances, EA delayed the Madden 21 event (opens in new tab), and Google has pushed back an event (opens in new tab) talking about the next iteration of Android.

What is in Modern Warfare season 4?

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Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone, when it eventually arrives, will bring Captain Price into the fray as a new playable character. Rumour has it that we'll also be getting the Vector SMG - first seen in Modern Warfare 2 - along with the map Scrapyard.

There's also going to be some developments in Warzone, possible to do with the Warzone bunkers (opens in new tab). A couple of weeks ago, players finally managed to get inside them and discover the nuke being built in bunker 11. Could we be on the verge of some serious map changes, or perhaps even a brand new map? Time will tell  but for now, spend your time finishing the season 3 battle pass.

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