Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer pushed back from December 3 to early 2021

Watch Dogs Legion
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer has been delayed to next year as the developers focus on fixing the game's technical issues.

Watch Dogs: Legion's post-launch online modes were originally set to arrive on December 3, adding in support for a new free-roam open world where up to four players could cooperate to complete side activities, as well as adding in new dedicated co-op missions and a new Robot Wars PvP mode. Ubisoft is now saying that it should arrive sometime in early 2021.

While players will need to wait a while longer to try out Watch Dogs: Legion's new online features, the next stability update for the game is rolling out right now. Watch Dogs: Legion Update 2.20 is largely focused on stability and optimizations, while adding a new option to let PC players manually save their games.

Bigger quality of life changes are coming in December, when Ubisoft is planning to further optimize the PC version to improve frame rates on higher-end graphics cards - it's also getting rid of the bug that could cause "Doomed" Characters to die as soon as you recruit them. They still might randomly die later though, it's fine.

Watch Dogs: Legion had a rough launch thanks to save-corrupting glitches and other issues, but it looks like Ubisoft is buckling down to get the game where it needs to be.

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