Watch Dogs Legion length: How long it takes to beat

Watch Dogs Legion
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If you're wondering what the Watch Dogs Legion length is, you've come to the right place. It's important to know how long it takes to beat Watch Dogs Legion before you get stuck into a brand new, open world game. The answer is essentially that it varies - everyone's Watch Dogs Legion playtime will be different depending on difficulty level and skill, but we've got a few different answers for you here that should give you a better understanding of how long it takes to beat Watch Dogs Legion.

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How long it takes to beat Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion

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Before answering the question, a couple of things need to be kept in mind. There are three difficulty levels available in-game, so if you're playing on hard, expect to spend a little longer beating certain combat encounters and defeating enemies. This will naturally add on to the Watch Dogs Legion length.

Then there's also permadeath mode, which we would recommend enabling for this game, because it adds an element of risk. Without permadeath enabled, your characters just take a trip to the hospital when they die, but obviously permadeath means once you lose a recruit, they are gone forever. So you'll spend more time doing recruitment missions every time an important operative dies, if you have it enabled.

For a rough ballpark, if you only plan on doing the main story missions, expect to spend around 20 hours with the game, give or take. This will see you complete the Albion, Clan Kelley, 404, and SIRS storylines, along with the overall DedSec story.

If you intend on completing all of the side missions too, add about 10 hours to that, to bring it to around 30 hours. When you complete individual storylines, side missions surrounding characters like Nowt and Lau appear, which are very much worth doing.

Then for those of you out there who want to 100% complete the game and find every mask, relic, audio and text log, tech point, etc, you're looking at around 40-45 hours. This is no mean feat, so good luck!

Of course, there is more content coming to the game later down the line, so this is how long it takes to finish the main single-player component to Watch Dogs Legion only.

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