How to unlock the Watch Dogs Legion Stormzy mission

Watch Dogs Legion
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You may have seen there's a Watch Dogs Legion Stormzy mission featuring the man himself, that takes place bang in the middle of this near-future dystopian London. Stormzy's new music video for his song Rainfall takes place entirely within Watch Dogs Legion, and this mission is the set-up for that, but you can't tackle it until you're a way into the game. Here's everything you need to know about how to unlock the Watch Dogs Legion Stormzy mission.

There are minor spoilers for one storyline in Watch Dogs Legion here, so if you want to go in completely blind, the gist of it is to keep playing. You'll unlock the Stormzy mission after doing enough main missions, but there is more detail to it than that so keep reading to know more.

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How to unlock the Watch Dogs Legion Stormzy mission 

Watch Dogs Legion Stormzy mission

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

To get to the Stormzy mission in Watch Dogs Legion, you need to get quite a way through the game first. It's not available to you right from the start, unfortunately. Play through the game until you unlock the 404 storyline. During this, you'll meet Nowt; a hacker who wants to work alongside DedSec. Once that storyline is complete, Nowt will reside in the DedSec headquarters. Speak to her when she's there and eventually, after doing a side mission or two of hers, she'll say that Stormzy has been "asking for DedSec by name".

From there, you'll have the Stormzy mission in your list. He'll chirp up in your ear, explaining that SIRS has been shutting down his servers so he can't broadcast his new music video that calls out the tyrannical regime. Head over to the London Lens, fix the wiring puzzle around the outside, then fend off Albion drones as they come to try and stop Stormzy from broadcasting. His music video will be playing on the exterior of the lens but unfortunately, you'll be too preoccupied with fighting the drones to pay much attention.

Completing the mission doesn't get Stormzy to join DedSec as I was hoping, but you do unlock his in-game outfit he was wearing in the music video for Rainfall.

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