Watch Dogs Legion best Tech upgrades: Hacks, Gadgets, Weapons explained

Wacth Dogs Legion
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Knowing what the Watch Dogs Legion best Tech upgrades are is important at the start of the game, because Tech Points are few and far between to begin with. Tech Points can be spent on four different categories in Watch Dogs Legion; Gadgets, Upgrades, Weapons, and Hacks. To set you on the right path in your mission to dismantle the oppressive British government and discover who is behind Zero Day, here are the best Watch Dogs Legion Tech upgrades.

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1. AR Shroud

Watch Dogs Legion best Tech upgrades: AR Shroud

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It's hard to recommend anything over the AR Shroud ability, which allows you to hide bodies of those you've taken down in plain sight. Without AR Cloak, guards getting alerted to your presence thanks to a body left in the open is a common occurence, and unfortunately you can't drag bodies somewhere more hidden. You need to be close to the body to shroud them — you can't shoot someone from across a room and make them invisible — but it's hugely important when performing takedowns.

2. Disrupt Hack

Watch Dogs Legion best Tech upgrades: Disrupt Hack

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The Disrupt Hack is crucial whenever you're in a fist fight with someone. This will trigger their Optik to give them an electric shock, putting them out of action for a moment. It's a bit useless using it when you're being stealthy, but using it as you punch someone in their face will allow you to perform a takedown on their electrified body, winining the punch-up instantly.

3. Attract Hack

Watch Dogs Legion best Tech upgrades: Attract Hack

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Traps are everywhere in Watch Dogs Legion, but you'll often find that an NPCs path  won't take them through the radius of the active trap. Not until you disrupt their behaviour, anyway. Unlocking the Attract Hack means you can prime a trap, then have it emit a spark to get the attention of any nearby guards. They'll promptly walk straight into it, allowing you to eliminate a number of enemies before you even enter the building.

4. Infiltrator Spiderbot

Watch Dogs Legion best Tech upgrades: Infiltrator Spiderbot

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You can take control of basic Spiderbots wherever there's a Spiderbot Dock, indicated by the spider symbol on your mini-map. Problem is, they're a bit lacklustre. Upgrade the Infiltrator Spiderbot and you can double jump, sprint, cloak, and throw the Spiderbot wherever you like. It allows you to access some seriously hard-to-reach areas and avoid detection much easier.

5. Drone/Turret Hacks

Watch Dogs Legion best Tech upgrades: Drone/Turret Hacks

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This is cheating a little bit because this point encapsulates four separate hacks:

  • Turret
  • Chase Drone
  • Counter-Terrorism Drone
  • Riot Drone

All the hacks give you the same abilities though, just for the different type of robotic enemy. They're worth investing in if you're a fan of going in guns blazing. You can hack the drones and turrets to betray their allies and join forces with you to mow down Albion guards, Clan Kelley lackeys, and the like, or you can hijack them and control them yourself.

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