Watch Dogs Legion tips: 10 things to know before you overthrow the British government

If you fancy fighting back against the tyrannical post-Brexit British government, take onboard some of our top Watch Dogs Legion tips. This near-future, alternate-reality London has plenty of familiarities for anyone who's visited, but the amount of tools and gadgets you have at your disposal in Watch Dogs Legion means it turns into a technological toybox for you to explore, with plenty of secrets to uncover. So before you get started recruiting your team, have a gander at these Watch Dogs Legion tips.

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1. Do missions first so you don't have to re-do locations

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Story missions take you all over the map, so wait before exploring loads

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With such a dense map to explore, you may be tempted to venture out, visit the famous landmarks, and collect as many tech points and masks as you can. I mean, that's what I did, but I regretted it. If you focus on the story first, you'll be taken to most major locations and infiltrate them there and then, so you have the opportunity to grab all the masks, tech points, etc. If you do it in open play, you'll then have to re-infiltrate the place again afterwards when the plot takes you there. Play the story, then visit any incomplete collectibles and areas afterwards.

2. ETO is only spent on cosmetics and isn't important for progression

Watch Dogs Legion tips: ETO is only necessary to freshen up the wardrobe

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ETO is the main currency in Watch Dogs Legion, but don't worry about building bank. It can't be used on weapon upgrades or anything substantial; all you can buy are cosmetics like clothes and vehicle wraps. Don't get me wrong; the clothing options are plentiful, especially if you go to Regent Street, but accumulating as much money as possible isn't important or necessary to game progression.

3. Construction Workers have the best gadget/weapon combo in the game

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Construction Workers are overpowered

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Simply put, being a Construction Worker in Watch Dogs Legion is one of the best characters in the game. On top of the fact their high vis and hardhat gets them into any construction sites, they also come equipped with a Nail Gun, which is essentially a silenced pistol with slightly less firepower. On top of that, they can call in a Cargo Drone whenever you like, which you can then climb on top of and fly wherever. Nifty.

4. Recruit people with uniforms to disguise yourself

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Uniformed recruits are the best choices

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As a follow-up from the above, focus on recruiting a people with a variety of uniforms. Albion Guards, Police Officers, Paramedics... there's a long list of occupations that can help you sneak into various places. You can even recruit a Royal Guard and infiltrate Buckingham Palace. When you look like you belong, the world (central London in this case) is your oyster.

5. Equip an AR Cloak to get through security grids

Watch Dogs Legion tips: AR Cloak bypasses security lasers

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A lot of buildings will have tight security, including huge red security lasers blocking doorways. You can disable these by sneaking round the back and finding the switch, but you can also walk straight through them if you're invisible with the AR Cloak. It runs out before long, but using it should give you enough time to get through and find somewhere to hide before you're spotted.

6. Most buildings will have a way to access the roof if you scout around

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Search buildings for access to the roof, because there's usually a way up

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If you need to access the roof but can't summon a Cargo Drone at will, have a look around the exterior of the building. You can call Cargo Drones in to specific landing pads which you can then hijack, or there are plenty of other ways up to the top. Scissor lifts will help you ascend smaller buildings, Spider-Bots can almost always sneak through the vents, or there might be a window washing lift somewhere. Alternatively, look for ladders or pipes that you can climb.

7. You need a Spiderbot to access a lot of collectibles

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Spider-Bots can reach places no human can

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While all collectibles, whether they're the all-important tech points or lore-filled audio logs, will appear on the map, actually picking them up is easier said than done. They often seem hidden inside walls or underground, with no obvious access. This is where the Spiderbot comes in. Explore the entire area with your eight-legged robot friend, because chances are there'll be a sneaky passage inside. You can access similar areas with the smaller drones you can hijack, but they can only scan/hack things; they cannot pick up collectibles.

8. There are no rewards for completing relic sets

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Relic sets are for lore only

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Relics are indicated on your map by small lockboxes and while they look enticing, they're unfortunately just collectibles with little purpose, much like the text and audio logs. You'll find some which are part of a set, but completing the full set doesn't do much except provide more background information. Don't seek them out unless you're a completionist.

9. Eliminate hostile drones quietly by hijacking and flying them out of signal range

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Flying a drone out of signal range puts it out of action

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Dealing with the many riot drones you'll often find patrolling around certain buildings isn't easy if you're trying to be stealthy. You can deactivate them for brief periods, but that will alert any nearby guards, and they'll come back to life before long. Instead, once you've unlocked the ability to hijack them, simply fly them out of the area until they start to lose signal. When they eventually come back to life, they won't fly back to the area they were once guarding, and you won't have alerted anyone by shooting them down.

10. Distracting someone makes them almost blind, so you can walk right past

Watch Dogs Legion tips: Distract people to make them essentially blind

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

You can distract anyone whenever you want, by triggering their phone alerts. While you may think this only slightly distracts them, so you can sneak behind them but going too close will still be a death wish, you'd fortunately be mistaken. As long as they're preoccupied by their phone, they have absolute tunnel vision, meaning you can stroll right past them without being seen.

Those are all of our top Watch Dogs Legion tips, but check out some of our other guides below for more help restoring London to its former glory.

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