Watch Dogs Legion best recruits: All the operatives you need on your team

Watch Dogs Legion best recruits
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At the end of the day, the Watch Dogs Legion best recruits are the friends we made along the way. But not all of them come with brilliant perks or weapons to use in Watch Dogs Legion, during DedSec's fight against Albion, DedSec, Clan Kelley, SIRS... the list goes on. These are the Watch Dogs Legion best recruits you need to keep an eye out for on the street, because they need to be in your team straight away. Even more so if you're playing with permadeath enabled, because you could lose them at any moment. We've even got one John Wick in here, along with help if you're wondering where to find spies.

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1. Construction Worker

Watch Dogs Legion best recruits: Construction Worker

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Construction Worker location: Any construction site/during an early story mission

You'll recruit a construction worker fairly early on in the story but if you're playing with permadeath enabled (which does make the game a lot more rewarding!), chances are you'll lose them before too long. Construction workers are so useful; their nail gun acts as a silenced pistol, so you can one-shot enemies in the head from behind cover. The construction uniform allows them to infiltrate construction sites easily without being spotted, plus their cargo drone can be climbed and flown to pretty much any spot in the game, including rooftops that don't have alternate access.

2. Spy

Watch Dogs Legion best recruits: Spy

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Spy location: City of Westminster borough defiant

As you'd expect, a spy is equipped with some seriously spectacular stuff. The P9 Silenced is an excellent disposal tool, killing most enemies in one or two headshots, and the Spy Watch will jam any enemy weapons in the vicinity. They also have a Spy Car you can summon nearby whenever you need a quick getaway, which comes equipped with both homing missiles and a cloak to hide yourself from pursuers. What's not to love?

3. Professional Hitman (John Wick)

Watch Dogs Legion best recruits: Professional Hitman

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Professional Hitman location: Nine Elms borough defiant

While spies are excellent at being covert, go for a professional hitman if you want to do killing, and lots of it. As displayed in an early video for the game, spies are essentially John Wick, although their appearance doesn't always match. I'm not sure if the weapon arsenal changes per hitman, but mine came equipped with a G36 assault rifle and Desert Eagle pistol, both of which are murder machines and came in so useful during late-game missions. They can also perform instant gun takedowns, along with a combat roll to dodge attacks.

4. Getaway Driver

Watch Dogs Legion best recruits: Getaway Driver

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Getaway Driver location: Tower Hamlets borough defiant

Escaping through the dense streets of London isn't easy when you've got an Albion tail, but being a getaway driver makes things easier. They have a custom, souped-up vehicle so you can really put the pedal to the metal, and they can hack other vehicles aside much easier than standard operatives can. They've also got anti-chase immunity, so chase drones literally can't follow them. Very handy indeed.

5. Drone Expert

Watch Dogs Legion best recruits: Drone Expert

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Drone Expert location: Lambeth borough defiant

Finally, there's the drone expert. They can summon shock drones and homing drones at will, causing some serious problems for any enemies in the area. Plus, they know the drone betray hack from the get-go, so you don't need to invest tech points into it.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Bare Knuckle Fighter: Excellent in melee fights
  • Hacker: Hacks things quicker from a greater distance
  • Anarchist: Equipped with tear gas
  • Beekeeper: Can literally set bees on people
  • Anyone with a uniform: Disguised when infiltrating certain buildings
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