Watch Dogs Legion best starting character: Who should you choose at the beginning?

watch dogs legion characters
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After a brief, explosive intro, you'll be faced with a tricky choice to pick the best Watch Dogs Legion starting character from a lineup of options. This will be the first operative you begin Watch Dogs Legion with but is there a best option, or does it even make a huge amount of difference to things who you pick? Let's take a look at the best Watch Dogs Legion starting character. 

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Who's the best Watch Dogs Legion starting character?

watch dogs legion characters

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Short answer: it really doesn't matter. In the long term you'll be recruiting so many people off the street that your starter only really has sentimental value ultimately. The tech and gadgets that really define the stronger characters aren't really an option here. Instead you can choose characters that might have minor perks like clothing discounts, a few different weapons options, starter vehicles, and the ability to summon a drone that's little more than a flying camera. None of these really affect the game that much as they're very minor traits compared to almost every character you can pick up later. You'll also unlock far more powerful tech as soon as you reach your DedSec base.

So what you really want to focus on are any perks that might change the immediate gameplay experience. Something like Physically Fit or Tough Drunk are your best options here as both reduce the damage the character takes, and can give you more of an edge in earlier missions as you learn the ropes. 

As we mentioned before the key tech - things like Spiderbots and the invisibility AR cloak - can be gained almost as soon as you reach your safe house. And once you've completed some of the initial DedSec set up missions you'll be able to scan and recruit anyone you see on the streets. Once you get started you'll also get tip offs for special characters you can track down, and you'll get special characters for liberating London districts. So you only really need your Watch Dogs Legion starting character to get things moving - don't sweat it too much.  

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