Warzone train: Everything you need to know about the new loot train in Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone train
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Season 5 is here and it's introduced the Warzone train to Verdansk, amidst other additions like the opening of the stadium and the train station. But what does the train actually do in Call of Duty Warzone and how does it work? Battle royale trains aren't a new concept since Apex Legends and PUBG both introduced them at different points, but it's new for Call of Duty. So without further ado, here is everything you should know about the Warzone train before jumping into a match.

Warzone train explained

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How does the Warzone train work? This long freighter train is full of cargo (read: top tier loot) and is on a non-stop path through the map. Seriously, don't try and stop it because it will fly right through you, even if you put a truck in front of it.

Just like the loot trains in other battle royale games however, the Warzone train is definitely worth landing on... provided you can survive against the hordes of players also trying to land there. Thankfully the train is split up into sections so you won't get beamed by someone looting the other end, unless they climb over some of the inaccessible traincars.

If you're not sure where the train is, it travels round the southwestern part of Verdansk in a loop. You can spot the icon on the map and it'll also sound the horn every now and then, alerting everyone nearby to its location. You can jump on it while it's moving, but parachuting down is much safer, not to mention stealthier.

You can read more about the Warzone train and everything else introduced with season five over on the official blog post.

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