The Warzone 2 Restore Honor mechanic explained

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The new Warzone 2 Restore Honor mechanic is specific to Ashika Island and allows you to get bonus rewards for collecting your dog tags after death. Hop into the returning Resurgence mode in Warzone 2 Season 2 and get onto Ashika Island to try out restoring your honor. It’s a pretty simple mechanic that can potentially get you some useful rewards to keep you going, so make sure you know exactly how it works. Here are the essential details for the Warzone 2 Restore Honor mechanic.

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How Warzone 2 Restore Honor works

The Restore Honor mechanic in Warzone 2 causes you to drop a dog tag after the first time you die during any Battle Royale or Resurgence match on the Warzone 2 Ashika Island map. If you or a squadmate get to where you were killed and collects your dog tag, you’ll be rewarded with $1,000 Cash and one UAV ping to reveal nearby enemies and Supply Crates. These dog tags are little loot items that you need to physically pick up and aren’t like the giant, floating tags found in Modern Warfare 2 Kill Confirmed.

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Keep in mind that restoring your honor by collecting your dog tag is only available after your first death in a match, so if you die again, your tag vanishes and can’t be collected by you or your team. However, if your tag does get collected and then you die again, you’ll drop the tag again, ready for it to be collected. After death, you’ll also hear a voice line letting you know that your tag has been dropped – if you don’t hear that, it means your tag has been lost for the rest of the match. You’ll also get notified if a teammate collects your tag too. Importantly, enemy players also cannot collect your tags to deny them, but obviously they can wait for you to come back and collect them, so be careful when restoring your honor!

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