Where to find Warzone 2 Redeploy Packs and dodge the gulag

warzone 2 redeploy pack
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Warzone 2 Redeploy Packs are a piece of equipment you can now find in all game modes. As the name suggests they let you redeploy if you die, skipping the gulag and getting straight back into the game. Obviously that makes them incredibly useful things to have if you want to stay in play. Let me explain more about what Redeploy Packs are, and where you can find them. 

Another new addition are the Warzone 2 sea tokens and Sea Treasure machines, which we can also help you with, if you're trying to work them out. 

What are Warzone 2 Redeploy Packs?

Warzone 2 redeploy packs instantly redeploy you after you die. It's that simple - if you have one on you, you'll just skip the gulag and be dropped over the island, minus your gear, the moment you die. It's a useful item to have, so where do you go about getting one? 

warzone 2 redeploy pack

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Where to get Warzone 2 redeploy packs

  • Possible ground loot
  • Buy Stations purchase ($6000)
  • Guaranteed Strongholds and Black Sites reward for completion

As you can see, the Buy Station option is probably your safest bet in Warzone 2, especially if you're playing solo. It doesn't take long to find $6000 from ground loot and chests, meaning you can probably secure the funds in the first few minutes of a match while you're gearing up. 

While Strongholds and Black Sites are guaranteed to give you a redeploy kit on completion, it's best to think of that as a bonus to the activity rather than a reason to do it. Even with a good team Strongholds and Black Sites are a stern test and if a redeploy pack is you're only goal then it's a high risk strategy. If you're doing to gear up anyway though it's a great extra. 

Your chances of getting one in ground loot are slim though, and I've not seen one yet that way. Which means Buy Stations, Strongholds and Black Sites are your best bet, in that order. You can only have one as well, so don't think about trying to stack them. Best to let a teammate have it instead.

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