All V Rising bosses and map locations

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V Rising boss locations are found all over the map, either locked to specific areas or randomly occurring on paths within larger regions, so a boss map can be incredibly useful in this regard. Players can find the bosses' locations in V Rising by using the Blood Altar in their Castle, but it's not exactly precise, just giving a vague indicator of direction without reference to the path or the distance. A proper map is definitely better, so we've put one together with how to find all the 37 bosses' locations in V Rising, along with the rewards you'll get for slaying them.

V Rising boss locations map

V Rising bosses locations maps

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As you can see, there's a lot of V Rising bosses - or V Blood Carriers, as the game calls them. We've actually drawn a distinction here, as there's a few powerful enemies - minibosses and so on - that don't give particularly substantial rewards, so we've chosen to omit them for clarity. However, we've got all the Blood Carrier bosses marked on the V Rising map above, numbered in order of ascending difficulty. Compare the numbers with the table below for all the info you need on where to find them, and what they drop.

V Rising bosses, levels, and rewards

Swipe to scroll horizontally
1Alpha Wolf16Farbane WoodsSpawns in any Wolf DenWolf Form (Power)
2Errol the Stonebreaker20Farbane WoodsBandit Copper MineAftershock (Power), Big Stash (Structure)
3Rufus the Foreman20Farbane WoodsBandit Logging CampBlood Rage (Power), Woodworking Bench (Structure), Traveler's Wrap (Recipe), Empty Canteen (Recipe), Leather (Recipe)
4Keely the Frost Archer20Farbane WoodsBandit Trapper CampFrost Bat (Power), Tannery (Structure)
5Lidia the Chaos Archer26Farbane WoodsRandomly wanders pathwaysChaos Volley (Power), The Devourer (Structure)
6Grayson the Armourer27Farbane WoodsBandit ArmouryCrimson Aegis (Power), Five Finger Workboards (Structure), Long Boards (Structures), Assortment of Statues (Structure), Whetstone (Recipe)
7Goreswine the Ravager27Farbane WoodsDesecrated GraveyardCorpse Explosion (Power), Veil of Bones (Power), Tomb (Structure), Nocturne Fences (Structure), Skeleton (Recipe), Ghoul (Recipe)
8Putrid Rat30AllSummoned anywhere (see the section below)Rat Form (Power)
9Clive the Firestarter30Farbane WoodsBandit Sulphur QuarryVeil of Chaos (Power), Alchemy Table (Structure), Assortment of Enchanted Braziers (Structure), Assortment of Enchanted Torches (Structure), Sulphur (Recipe), Minor Explosive Box (Recipe)
10Polora the Feywalker34Farbane WoodsGleaming MeadowsSpectral Wolf (Power), Veil of Illusion (Power), Vampire Waygate (Structure), Golden Floors (Structure), Minor Garlic Resistance Brew (Recipe)
11Ferocious Bear36Farbane WoodsBear CaveBear Form (Power), Fur Rugs (Structure)
12Nicholaus the Fallen37Farbane WoodsForgotten CemeteryPestilence (Power), Ward of the Damned (Power), Study (Structure)
13Quincy the Bandit King37Farbane WoodsBandit Stronghold (requires explosives or bear form)Chaos Barrier (Power), Merciless Charge (Power), Smithy (Structure), Tailoring Bench (Structure), Iron Ingot (Recipe), Iron weapons (Recipes), Hollowfang armor (Recipes)
14Beatrice the Tailor38Dunley FarmlandsDawnbreak VillageHuman Form (Power), Loom (Structure), Assortment of Curtains (Structure), Hunter's Cloak (Recipe), Cloth (Recipe), Cotton Yarn (Recipe)
15Vincent the Frostbringer40Dunley FarmlandsRandomly wanders pathwaysFrost Barrier (Power), Veil of Frost (Power), Prison Cell (Structure), Reinforced Plank (Recipe)
16Christina the Sun Priestess44Dunley FarmlandsWanders between Dawnbreak Village and Mosswick VillagePurgatory (Power), Glass (Recipe), Empty Glass Bottle (Recipe), Holy Resistance Potion (Recipe), Blood Rose Potion (Recipe)
17Leandra the Shadow Priestess46Dunley FarmlandsChurch of the DamnedSpectral Assassin (Power), Jewelcrafting Table (Structure), Scourge Pendant (Recipe), Scourgestone (Recipe), Skeleton Priest (Recipe)
18Tristan the Vampire Hunter46Farbane WoodsRandomly wanders pathwaysBlood Hunter (Power), Greater Blood Essence (Recipe)
19Terah the Geomancer48Dunley FarmlandsBedrock PassSpectral Guardian (Power), Gem Cutting Table (Structure), Siege Golem Stone (Recipe), Regular Gems (Recipe)
20Meredith the Bright Archer52Dunley FarmlandsHaunted Iron MineSanguine Coil (Power), Wool Thread (Recipe)
21Frostmaw the Mountain Terror56Hallowed MountainsRandomly wanders pathwaysIce Nova (Power), Scroll (Recipe)
22Octavian the Militia Captian58Dunley FarmlandsBastion of DunleyMirror Strike (Power), Anvil (Structure), Dark Silver Ingot (Recipe), Dawnthorn armor (Recipe), Dark Silver weapons (Recipe)
23Raziel the Shepherd60Dunley FarmlandsDunley MonasteryCrimson Beam (Power), Athenaeum (Structure), Silver Resistance Potion (Recipe), Corrupted Artifact (Recipe)
24Ungora the Spider Queen60Cursed ForestSpider CaveVolatile Arachnid (Power), Ghost Yarn (Recipe), Silk (Recipe), Spiderling (Recipe)
25Jade the Vampire Hunter62Dunley FarmlandsRandomly wanders pathwaysChaos Barrage (Power), Major Explosive Box (Recipe), Primal Blood Essence (Recipe)
26The Duke of Balaton62Cursed ForestSwamp of GreedToad Form (Power)
27Foulrot the Soultaker62Cursed ForestAncient Village (East)Mist Trance (Power), Phantom's Veil (Recipe), Spectral Dust (Recipe), Banshee (Recipe)
28Willfred the Werewolf Chief64Dunley FarmlandsGloomgrave VillageHeart Strike (Power), Holy Resistance Flask (Recipe)
29Mairwyn the Elementalist64Silverlight HillsEmberleaf GroveCrystal Lance (Power), Imperial Thread (Recipe)
30Azariel the Sunbringer68Silverlight HillsBrighthaven CathedralPower Surge (Power), Gold Ingot (Recipe)
31Morian the Stormwing Matriarch68Silverlight HillsHarpy NestVoid (Power), Flawless Gems (Recipes)
32Terrorclaw the Ogre68Hallowed MountainsFrozen CaveArctic Leap (Power)
33Matka the Curse Weaver72Cursed ForestNest of the Curse WeaverUnstable Mosquito (Power), Schematic (Recipe), Mosquito (Recipe)
34Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer76Cursed ForestRandomly wanders pathwaysBat Form (Power)
35Gorecrusher the Behemoth78Cursed ForestLair of the BehemothWisp Dance (Power)
36The Winged Horror78Farbane WoodsThe Dreaded PeakFrost Vortex (Power)
37Solarus the Immaculate80Silverlight HillsFortress of LightSummon Fallen Angel (Power)

Clearly there's a lot to go through, with a huge range of rewards for players to pick up along the way. Players can even get some integral resources this way, like V Rising Whetstones

We should also mention the Putrid Rat. This boss has no fixed location, as the player has to essentially "summon" (aka spawn) this boss by solving a puzzle at any area in the game world. For more details on how to do that, we've put together a page on the V Rising Putrid Rat here.

How to beat all bosses in V Rising

V Rising boss locations map rewards

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V Rising Servants

V Rising armor best sets all

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Grab yourself some V Rising Servants and find out how to command them here!

A key element to beating bosses is the aforementioned Blood Altar. You can build one early in the game in your Castle, a gothic mission select screen that allows you to choose a target, then get the general direction of where they are. It also tells you some details about them, including some of the rewards they drop and what to expect. 

Every boss has their own attack patterns and skills, usually appropriate to their look, but here's some general advice that'll apply no matter which of your rogues' gallery you're up against.

  • Scout the area first. Bosses, especially in the mid-to-late game, will have traps and techniques that you might not be prepared for. Some even fight on holy ground that'll constantly damage you without special potions. Know what you're getting into before you go charging in!
  • Make sure you're well-equipped. We've put together guides on the V Rising best weapons and V Rising armor, but you should also take time to pick through your available powers, stock up on consumables and make sure you're full on blood.
  • Beware the sun! It's easy to wander into a boss fight and immediately get caught off-guard by the sunrise. If it's near the end of the night, maybe back off and come back in the evening.
  • Use your skills. Early players might not be used to all the skills they start to acquire, but considering the rapid cooldowns they all have, make sure to get some use out of them! There's no point in getting all these superpowers and putting them to waste.
  • Evasion is better. Unless you're extremely overleveled, you want to play for distance and safety, focusing on avoiding enemy attacks and damaging when it's safe. Most bosses can really hurt you if they land a few strikes, so make sure you play cautiously to compensate.
  • Clear the room. Lots of bosses summon minions to back them up, and you want to deal with these fast. Even if they're not individually powerful, taking them out early will stop them from forming into a giant horde.

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