How to get Iron in V Rising

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V Rising Iron is waiting in the Dunley Farmlands, found in Ore Veins before bringing it back to your castle and putting it through the furnace to create Ingots for crafting, needed for unlocking all sorts of V Rising weapons. If you're missing out on this integral crafting resource and need help locating it, here's how to get Iron in V Rising, whether you're looking for the raw Ore or working out how to craft Ingots at your gothic lair.

Location of Iron in V Rising

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Iron in V Rising is most easily obtained in the Haunted Iron Mine in the South/central Dunley Farmlands, though players can find ore veins occasionally dotted around it and later on in certain areas on the East side of the Cursed Forest (check the V Rising map for more details). However, we recommend going for the Iron Mine (shown on the map above), as it's more abundant and the enemies are less lethal there overall. Try to be at least level 35 before heading here, otherwise you might regret it.

Be warned though - the Undead Commander roams this area, a level 49 boss who might prove lethal to any players who aren't close to that point. However, it's relatively slow, like many bosses, so if you see it, just turn in the opposite direction and sprint away in wolf mode - you should lose it before too long. 

How to mine Iron Ore

Once you're in this area, you can obtain Iron Ore either by mining it from rocks, or as a rare drop from chests and enemies. Be warned though - you can only mine Iron Ore from rocks if you use a Merciless Copper weapon or better. If you don't have one yet, we've laid out how to get V Rising Merciless weapons and gear here. Build a Merciless Copper weapon before leaving for the mines, and you'll be ready to tap the various Iron deposits and veins for ore. And as a vampire, tapping veins for iron-based resources is something you should definitely be used to.

How to get the Iron Ingots recipe and craft Ingots

V Rising Scrolls

V Rising Scrolls

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Want to find some V Rising Scrolls? Check out our guide on where to find them!

Once you have Iron Ore, you can make it into Iron Ingots at your Furnace, though you'll need a recipe to do so. This recipe is dropped by the boss Quincy the Bandit King, a level 37 foe in the Bandit Camp at the Northern border of Farbane Woods, so make sure you kill him first. If you want his exact location, use our V Rising boss locations as a reference.

Once you have the recipe, bring it back to your Furnace (and make sure you're fueled up on V Rising Blood Essence), whereupon you'll be able to smelt every 20 pieces of Iron Ore into a single Iron Ingot. Ingots are an essential mid-game resource, used for building new armor, weapons, constructions, and even an ominous throne for your Castle.

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