How to get Stone Bricks in V Rising

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V Rising Stone Bricks are created with a Grinder, a facility built at your Castle base that's used to destroy and break down resources into new ones. Though it might not seem like the most obvious route, the Grinder becomes an option roughly around the same time as you unlock use of V Rising leather as a resource, and the Stone Bricks come into play not long afterwards, used to make sturdy walls and structures that can stand up to the offence of monsters and players alike. If you need Stone Bricks in V Rising, here's how to become a mason ASAP.

How to craft Stone Bricks in V Rising (and Stone Dust too)

V Rising Stone Bricks Dust

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To get Stone Bricks and Stone Dust in V Rising, players need one specific tool - a Grinder. These can be built in your Castle from the Refinement part of the Build menu, using these specialised materials: 

  • Whetstones (4)
  • Copper Ingots (4)
  • Planks (8)
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Not all of these are easily obtained initially. We've covered how to get V Rising Whetstones, but Copper Ingots will require a Furnace and the Planks will require the Sawmill - and all of these need to be powered by Blood Essence, of course. 

Once a Grinder is build make sure that you have enough Blood Essence to keep it running, and select it with the F button. The Grinder has multiple "recipes" but the first one will be the option to place Rocks. For every 12 Rocks that go in the Grinder you can get back one Stone Brick and one pile of Stone Dust. Just make sure you have the V Rising Blood Essence to fuel it!

Both of these items are useful in their own ways. As outlined in the guide mentioned earlier, Stone Dust can be used to make Whetstones, while Stone Bricks can be used to create walls and floors for more reinforced structures and even ceilings to create life-preserving shadow in your own castle, though you'll need some V Rising Iron to go with it.

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