How to get Whetstones in V Rising

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V Rising Whetstones are important items found either from the corpses of enemies in specific locations across Farbane woods, or crafted in your Castle Heart with the furnace. Whetstones are fairly easy to get - or at least, can be obtained early on in the game - but if you want to craft them, you'll need to go and hunt one of the bosses along the way. Either way you'll have to fight through some foes and overcome some serious challenges, but it will be something you'll need to do either way at different phases of the early-game progression path. Read on for more detail on how to get whetstones in V Rising, including farming them and crafting them at your lair.

How to get Whetstones in V Rising

As we mentioned, there are two ways to get Whetstones in V Rising, explained below.

  1. Find Whetstones in key bandit camps and areas
  2. Craft your own Whetstones using a Furnace and the special recipe

Whetstones are a very useful resource, used to create various weapons and items. They're also useful to build items like the valuable Grinder - so if you want to improve your castle and your general tech tree, obtaining Whetstones is an essential move. 

While they can seem hard to get at first, get everything set up right and you can have a regular supply of Whetstones being permanently churned out at your own castle, using Stone Dust and Copper Ingots as fuel - but to do that, you'll need to set up some special gear first. 

Let's take a look at both options now.

Where to find Whetstones

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Whetstones can be found in certain bandit camps and enemy areas. Holding the mouse above the areas marked will reveal what you can find there, and some will have Whetstones listed. We actually suggest heading to the Bandit Armoury, a large area on the West side of Farbane Woods. Kill all the minor enemies around the area, break all the barrels, and search all the chests - you'll find at least a few Whetstones scattered around. 

Whetstones Crafting Recipe

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Find more V Rising resources

At this point in your progress you probably have a Furnace set up at your base. When interacting with it, you can see that there is in fact a recipe for Whetstones but, while you can see the recipe and what's required, you technically don't have it yet until you find the special blueprint.

That recipe is held by a boss named Grayson the Armourer, who you can track through your Blood Altar - right to the Bandit Armoury, mentioned above, where he waits in an open arena (check out our V Rising boss locations page for more info there). 

He's level 27, and pretty tough, using a mixture of traps and melee attacks, but those who are agile and can match his gear level shouldn't have too much trouble. Once he's dead, drain him of blood and take the Whetstone recipe back to your Furnace. If he's giving you trouble, try checking out how to get the V Rising Merciless weapons and gear, or take a peak at the weapon tier list we've got on our V Rising best weapons page to see which weapons work best in PvE.

How to craft Whetstones

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Once you have the recipe to create a Whetstone, you can craft them with the following ingredients.

  • Copper Ingot (1)
  • Stone Dust (12)

Stone Dust isn't easily obtained, but there's actually a great method - create Stone Bricks and Stone Dust is created as an offshoot! If you don't know how to create that, we've actually got a guide on V Rising Stone Bricks for you to check out here. Either way, congratulations, you can create your own Whetstones! At this point you'll never be short for them, and you can use them for a lot of things going forwards.

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