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V Rising Grave Dust is a special resource used primarily for constructions within your castle, and suitably enough it's often a drop from undead and necrotic enemies from across the map. However, there's methods to farm the stuff more efficiently, setting up facilities in your castle to generate it as a passive resource. If you want to know how to farm Grave Dust in V Rising, or just where it can be found if your needs aren't quite so substantial, here's everything you need to know.

How to get Grave Dust in V Rising

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Grave Dust in V Rising can be obtained in any of the following ways, all of which we'll address below:

- Found in containers in cemeteries and graveyards

- As a random drop from undead enemies

- Farmed from Ghouls spawned via Tombs

- Made by putting Bones into a Grinder

The main priority for early players should be finding those cemeteries, as they likely haven't unlocked the Tombs or Grinder necessary for the latter options. Find the cemeteries and graveyards themselves - we've marked three easy, early candidates on the map above - and you'll encounter various Ghouls and undead foes, all of which have a chance of dropping Grave Dust when killed. There's also a chance for all the chests, barrels and containers to drop Grave Dust too, so once you find a cemetery, raise everything and everyone in it to the ground. If you need more, either head to the next cemetery, or go back to your Castle and give everything time to respawn. Alternatively, just skip the whole thing and rely on V Rising console commands and cheats - we won't tell if you don't.

V Rising Offline Mode

V Rising

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Want to get gothic on your own? Find out about the V Rising offline mode here!

If you want to farm Grave Dust at your own Castle, you have two choices - Grinders or Tombs. Tombs can be built after killing the level 27 Boss Goreswine the Ravager, and spawns enemies depending on what you put into it. Put in 12 Mourning Lilies (which can also be found in cemeteries) and it'll generate Ghouls, who have a chance to drop Grave Dust when killed. Make sure you grab the V Rising best weapons so you're not overwhelmed by your own creations!

To use the Grinder - probably the easiest, cheapest method - you can check out our page on V Rising Stone Bricks, where we lay out how they're built. Then, once it's powered, simply throw in Bones and the Grinder will turn them to Grave Dust. However, it's not an efficient process - it takes 100 Bones to create a single pile of Grave Dust, so consider the other options first if you don't have a lot of skeletons in your closets. And as ever, you'll need to make sure your Castle Heart is fueled with ample V Rising Blood Essence.

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