How to get Scourgestones in V Rising for Dark Silver Ingots

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V Rising Scourgestones can be found by killing undead enemies in certain locations, or crafted with a Furnace and the right recipe. It's definitely something you'll need as a useful mid-game resource required to make the Dark Silver Ingots that are essential to forge some of the best weapons in the game. 

So if you need V Rising Scourgestones and aren't sure how best to get them then we'll cover it all in detail below, and explain how you can find and craft all you need.

How to get V Rising Scourgestones

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To get V Rising Scourgestones you can claim them off certain NPC mobs in specific locations, or use a recipe to craft them if you have it and the equipment needed. Finding them in the world is probably the most painless method, as done right, it won't cost you anything. Crafting them on the other hand will give you a potentially limitless supply on demand. You can also farm them from mobs if you really want to work for it. 

Let's take a look at all the options now. 

How to find Scourgestones in V Rising

To find Scourgestones in V Rising head to these locations, specifically checking chests, coffins, and local mobs:

  • Church of the Damned (North Dunley Farmlands)
  • Dunley Monastery (West Dunley Farmlands)
  • Both Ancient Villages (East and West Cursed Forest)

If you don't find any, head back to your Castle, allow them to refresh, and try again. Alternatively, make sure to look out for the following enemies in any area:

  • Skeleton Bishop
  • Scarecrow

These enemies both have a chance to drop Scourgestones, though the Bishop has a higher chance and is easier to beat. Scarecrows don't move until attacked, at which point they have a chance to become a miniboss. Clobber them for a small chance at a Scourgestone.

How to craft Scourgestones in V Rising

Alternatively, you could try making your own Scourgestones. To craft one, head to your Furnace, and it should have the recipe ready to go! You'll need the following ingredients:

  • Whetstone (x1)
  • Glass (x3)
  • Grave Dust (x3)

If you need help getting more V Rising Whetstones, you can check out our guide on that, though at this point in the game you've probably got at least a few of all these resources, and can check key locations on the map to see where they're found. Likewise, we've got this guide on V Rising Grave Dust if you need to find that!

Alternatively once again, you could always just get your inner hacker going and use V Rising console commands and cheats. We won't judge.

How to farm Scourgestones in V Rising

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V Rising fish and fishing

V Rising fish fishing pole

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Want to catch some V Rising Fish? Find out how to go fishing here!

To farm Scourgestones without crawling across the whole of the V Rising map, the method is simple - build a Tomb. These mob-creation devices can be used to create the Skeleton Bishops, who as mentioned, have a chance to drop Scourgestones. Kill Goreswine the Ravager, a level 27 boss who you can find at our V Rising boss locations page, and you'll unlock the recipe to make Tombs. From that point on, you can spawn as many priests as you want (after paying the summoning fee) and repeatedly bash them to death. Pick up some of the V Rising best weapons for PvE if you want to expedite this process and reach maximum efficiency. 

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