How to Catch Fish in V Rising

V Rising fish fishing pole
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V Rising fish can be caught with a fishing pole, a special piece of equipment you can get by slaying one of the game's early bosses. From that point on, you can start exploring the map for fishing spots and finding fish around the world! With that in mind, we'll cover fishing and the Fishing pole in V Rising in greater detail below.

How to catch Fish in V Rising and get the Fishing Pole

V Rising fish fishing pole

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To catch Fish in V Rising, players need to get the Fishing Pole, a tool specifically designed for catching Fish, obviously. As mentioned above, the Fishing Pole can't be found in any location and needs to be crafted by the player, but to do that you'll need the crafting recipe.

The crafting recipe is taken from Rufus the Foreman, a level 20 boss who's located in the central Farbane Woods at the Bandit Logging Camp (grab some V Rising Merciless weapons and gear if you need the advantage, or use the V Rising boss locations page if you're having trouble finding him). 

Killing and drinking Rufus gets you the recipe for the Fishing Pole and Woodworking Bench, both of which you'll need. Head back to your Castle and craft the Woodworking Bench, then use that to craft the Fishing Pole, which needs the following ingredients:

  • Planks (8)
  • Copper Ingots (4)
  • Coarse Threads (4)
V Rising Map

V Rising map

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Want to learn more about the V Rising map? See it all and where to go in our guide here!

At this point you'll have the Fishing Pole, which goes into your inventory. Now you need to find fishing spots, rare areas of water that clearly bubble, distinct from the calm water around them. Equip the Pole and right click on the bubbling water, then left-click the mouse when you see the water start glowing (if you're worried about being attacked by other players, considering doing this in the V Rising offline mode).

Doing this right should pull back a fish, which'll go into your inventory (if there's room for it). These spots are by far most common in Farbane Woods, but you can also find some of them in Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills.

Fish can generally be salvaged for various resources - usually Fish Oil, Fish Bones and Scales, all of which have purposes in different crafting recipes. There's also a chance to draw random items and junk - though junk seems like an unfair term for some of the special loot you can get this way. It's even possible to get Ingots of V Rising Iron, a valuable mid-game resource that would normally take a while to obtain (though you can check the attached page for the fastest way to do that).

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