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A V Rising roadmap to cover 2022 hasn't officially been announced yet, a sour point for diehard players who want to know what's coming to the vampire survival simulator in the coming months and years. But while an official, step-by-step roadmap has yet to be announced, comments in interviews and on official channels from the developers, Stunlock Studios, can tell us some of what to expect and the thought processes. We'll cover everything we know so far about the theoretical roadmap for V Rising below, so you can plan accordingly. Be warned - it's not as much as you'd hoped. Who'd have thought that vampires would be secretive?

Is there a V Rising Roadmap for 2022?

As mentioned previously, there isn't an official roadmap for V Rising at time of writing, but the developers and creative team have made some comments about aspects of the game they either want to fix, add to or improve on in the near future. Most relevant to fans is likely an interview with Stunlock Studios' community manager Jeremy Fielding (thanks IGN), followed by an official Blog Post that elaborated on the priorities of the team and what they want to do in the coming months. Here's some useful highlights of the interview and statement that indicate what's likely to come for V Rising.

  • Stunlock is focused right now on player feedback and gathering information about how the audience engages with the game, which will likely determine priorities. Stunlock appears to be in the research phase, with FIelding saying the following: “We know that there are a million base systems in the game that can all expand in infinite directions(.) We’re leaving it a little bit open as we see how people interact with our systems because players will do anything. Especially if you give them an open world game, how they play will always be different than what you expect. So we’re planning to adapt to that.”
  • There are plans to "expand and improve" V Rising's endgame. V Rising has some suitably tough endgame challenges, but the interview non-specifically comments on Stunlock's desire to work on the later phases of the game and make them meatier overall.
  • Server options and player-made servers will be expanded on. Fielding mentioned that “one of the coolest things about our games is our servers’ flexibility and the different ways we offer people to edit their experience to make it their own.” He indicated that building on this principle would be a focus in the future.
  • The immediate priorities were bug fixes and functionality... Before adding new content, the first concern was making sure the game is as stable as possible, with Fielding stating: “right now we’re just making sure everything’s going smoothly".
  • ... but now they're aiming for bigger. In the blog post, it was said: "we currently plan to work on more extensive updates rather than run for frequent smaller patches and minor changes." It's not clear when the first of these updates will be, but in accordance with the first point, they're looking to target the biggest demands of the playerbase and expand accordingly in dramatic sweeps, rather than minor adjustments.
Is V Rising on PS4 and PS5?

V Rising

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Want to know: is V Rising on PS4 and PS5? Check out our page to find out about V Rising's console availability!

Beyond that, we recommend players keep an eye on Stunlock's official Twitter and Discord channels, as their reactive approach to player input means that players can even submit thoughts and ideas, as well as seeing directly what it is that they'll be planning next. They've already added a V Rising offline mode, one that was first announced via Discord - a fact worth keeping in mind for those who want to know what to expect next in the world of Vardoran. This update also included some new V Rising console commands and cheats, so there's something for those who just want to explore the world with a little more freedom. 

It's also important to acknowledge that a large part of the V Rising map - specifically the Hallowed Mountains - is currently unavailable and greyed out. We can only assume that this will be filled in at some point in the future, and that the Blood Key, created via V Rising Blood Essence, will also have some use (as its flavour text hints at some yet-to-come application).

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