Will V Rising be on PS4 and PS5?

V Rising
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A V Rising PS5 port has been announced, but there's no clear sense of when it'll be beyond some point within the year, meaning that those hoping to get their teeth into a PlayStation version of the game will have to be a little more patient. Contrarily, news seems a lot less optimistic for those hoping for Xbox or Switch ports - but we'll get more into that momentarily.

Is V Rising coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox and Switch?

At time of writing, V Rising is been adapted for a PS5 port only, at least according to updates from developer Stunlock Studios. PlayStation 5 versions of the game have had their release date announced as being at some point within 2024, though right now there's no clearer time than that.

Further console ports for PS4, Xbox or Switch have not been announced at all, and there's no indication to suggest that they're planned for the future.

V Rising Cheats and Console Commands

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For those who have the game on PC, learn to change the game with our V Rising console commands and cheats!

Of course, we'll update this page should news on this issue change or the developers comment on it, but while further console ports have certainly not been ruled out, there's certainly no indication for anybody to expect them any time soon. Perhaps the success of the PS5 edition will determine the viability of ports to other consoles, but right now we'd suggest that those hoping for a Switch or Series X/S version of the game not get their hopes up, and certainly not any time soon. Sorry to tell you all this, but for now at least, it seems like Vampires are going to have to stick to this one particular castle.

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