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Uwe Boll the subject of new documentary called Raging Boll

We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of Uwe Boll’s films here at GR, so much so that it almost feels like beating a dead horse to bring up the lucky hack’s name. Though every person who mocks him should at least see one of his films to really understand what a horrible artist he is, Boll’s film adaptations of videogames are infamous to every gamer online whether they’ve seen the films or not. But haven’t you always wanted to get inside the process of how he craps out his turds? Well soon you will in the recently announced documentaryRaging Boll.

Reportedly filmed over the last three years, it takes a look at the horrid “filmmaker” and how he does his dirty business. It’s directed by Dan Lee West, who was on the crew of a couple Boll films, BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark, don’t expect anything too deep or negative said about the worst thing to come from Germany ever (exaggeration). But since Boll himself is not directing, it could possibly be watchable.

Some may argue Boll’s shit is entertaining, because his films are hilariously schlocky. No. His films are entirely boring experiences and involve constantly convincing yourself to finish what you started. Terrible films likeThe Roomentertain because each moment is ludicrous in its poor construction, but Boll is just a machine for wearisome mediocrity. And other bad game movies, like Doom or Resident Evil, are at least made by people who know what editing, or special effects, or simply saying “cut” means, even if they do it poorly. Perhaps Raging Boll will give some real insight into his process, and how exactly he can make these films while understanding nothing of the system, but it’s probably more likely it will defend him as a maligned and underappreciated genius. And those waiting for more Boll gaming goodness should be happy to hear that he’s currently working on his third BloodRayne film. BloodRayne: The Third Reich has the vampire lady fight Nazis and the biggest star is Clint Howard. He’s still got it.

Sep 22, 2010

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