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Thursday Link-A-Mania

A first look at Mad Max: Fury Road , more Predator news and the latest Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer in the latest news round-up

• Here’s our first official look at Mad Max: Fury Road , courtesy of EW . Tom Hardy is taking over Road Warrior duties from Mel Gibson. Charlize Theron co-stars as the shaven-headed, robot-armed Imperator Furiosa.

• Contrary to earlier reports Shane Black’s new Predator film is in fact a sequel, not a reboot. The one-time Hawkins told Collider "why start over, when you've all this rich mythology yet to mine?" Black will assemble a story outline and direct, with The Monster Mash ’s Fred Dekker on scripting duty.

• Fan of Donald Sutherland’s dulcet tones? You’re in luck - there’s a new, President Snow heavy teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 . The film is released 21 November 2014.

• Ridley Scott’s next film won’t be Prometheus 2 after all. According to writer Simon Kinberg Scott will be directing Matt Damon in The Martian later this year – a film about an astronaut stranded on the red planet.

• Good news anyone with high hopes for Gotham – top telly writer Ben Edlund (he wrote stone cold classic Angel episode “Smile Time”) has joined the Batman prequel’s writing room.

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• Dermot Mulroney has joined the cast of Insidious Chapter 3 . The third film in the horror series will focus on an entirely new family, which Mulroney will presumably be a member of. Writer/director Leigh Whannell announced the news on his Twitter feed .

• There’s a new Guardians Of The Galaxy TV spot if you like 60-second snippets of movies. There is an added bonus with this one though – it reveals another track from Peter Quill’s 80s mix-tape.

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