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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Star Wars: Episode VII casting, Masters Of The Universe' s new director, The Truman Show TV show, Time Cop and more in the news today

• The Timecop reboot from Universal has enlisted writers Mark and Brian Gunn, who wrote the screenplay for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island . Original comic publisher Mike Richardson will produce the film, say Superherohype , so let’s hope it stays true to comic book form.

• The up and coming film adaptation of Masters Of The Universe is said to have a new director on board. There is no better man to take on the world of He-Man than Kick-Ass 2 ’s Jeff Wadlow. We expect great things, Jeff.

• Matt Damon has signed on to star in The Martain, according to The Wrap . Based on the e-book by Andy Weird, it’s the tale of an astronaut stranded on mars trying to find his way home. Drew Goddard ( The Cabin In The Woods ) has also dropped out of the film to direct Sinister Six .

• Yesterday it was revealed that Samuel L Jackson will appear as Nick Fury in Agents of SHIELD ’s season finale. Another familiar face will also be surfacing this season as Agent Maria Hill will be making her second appearance on the show, say The Hollywood Reporter . Cobie Smulders will reprise the role, following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier . Perhaps this means the show will start to become a little less, well, rubbish .

• While R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps movie adaptation is storming ahead, casting Amy Ryan (NBC’s The Office ) and Jillian Bell alongside Jack Black, another of his works is hitting small screens with a new producer. Eye Candy , a cyber-drama, is being developed for MTV with Teen Wolf producer, Christian Taylor now in the executive seat. We can’t say how sci-fi this series will be, but it should have enough of horror and tech genius to satisfy.

Alice Pattillo