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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Super 8 , Avatar sequels, Ouija , Ghost Rider 2 and Smallville

  • Super 8 , the JJAbrams, Steven Spielberg collaboration now has a US release date – 10 June 2011 ( The Hollywood Reporter ).
  • James Cameron has now officially signed up to direct Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 , with a release date for the first sequel pencilled in for December 2014, with the final film in the trilogy currently targetted for a December 2015 release ( Coming Soon ).
  • Universal is on the look-out for directors for Ouija , a big screen adaptation of the Hasbro board game. (“Board game? Hasbro?” you might be wondering, but yes, the familiar “contact the dead” board that seems like it must have a centuriues-old history was actually created in the late 1890s, and the rights have passed through various companies hands in the century or so, with Hasbro becoming th owner when the company bought Parker Bros - most famous for Monopoly – in 1991). According to Deadline , the frontrunners Pierre Morel ( Taken ), Sylvain White ( The Losers ) and Scott Stewart ( Priest ). Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis ( Tron: Legacy ) have written the script.
  • Ghost Rider 2: Spirit Of Vengeance has had its budget cut from $135 million to a leaner $75 million, according to The Wrap . Damn, they won’t be able to afford a wig for Nic Cage.
  • E! Online has the first pic of Lindsay Hartley (Justin “Green Arrow” Hartley’s wife) as Mad Harriet in the upcoming Smallville episode “Abandoned”. That’s alo the episode that features the first appearance of Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane’s mum.