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SSFIV producer’s new project is bigger than SSFIV, possibly Darkstalkers

An article on CVG today noted SSFIV developer's Yoshinori Ono recent tweet about his new project, claiming that “SuperSF4 is nothing compared to what's coming!!”,a bold claim to say the least. What could Ono possibly be working on that could dwarf SSFIV? All signs point toa Darkstalkers reboot.

In our interview with MVC3's producer, he mentioned that a Darkstalkers revival might be in the cards depending on how well SSFIV and MVC3 sold. Given that SSFIV has sold over a million worldwide and that the hype train for MVC3 is chugging along at full speed, things are looking good for Morrigan fans. It also doesn’t hurt that the world is currently in love with vampires and werewolves thanks to Twilight and True Blood, which is sure to drum up interest.And don't worry,there’s zombies too for all us nerds.

One of the most telling signs that a new Darkstalkers might be on the way is that Capcom would clearly never make a new MVC3 character model for Morrigan unless they got to use it in at least 8 games over the next 10 years. (Morrigan’s original Darkstalkers sprite was reused in every game she appeared in from 1994'sDarkstalkers up until 2008’s Tatsunoko vs. Capcom).

Above: "Uh-oh Morrigan, guess what I see slipping out!"

While Ono’s lone Twitter isn’t enough to make the case for Darkstalkers, putting together his interviews and other quotes paint a stronger picture, one filled with mummies, vampires, and a curiously attractive fishman.

Jul 6, 2010