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Short Story Competition Winners Announced

The winner of the Jordan Reyne/Anarchy Books story compo, for which SFX 's editor-in-chief was a judge, has been revealed

The stories are in, the yarns have been judged, the votes have been cast, and the decisions verified... and thus, Jordan Reyne and Anarchy Books are proud to announce the winner and runners-up of their "Children Of A Factory Nation" short story competition .

The overall winner is:

"A Day Of Freedom" by Leila Eadie

Many congratulations to Leila. The three runners up are:

"Naught Else But Answer" by Lee Hallison
"A Tall Tale" by Alexander Caine Duncan
"Beyond The Tailor's Door" by Jim Reader

Round of applause for those three too. Well done to everybody who entered the competition - there were many entries, all of a very high quality!

The judges were John Jarrold , editor, script-doctor and agent; Jared Shurin, critic and owner of online magazine Pornokitsch ; Andy Remic , author and director of Anarchy Books; James Lovegrove , New York Times bestselling author; Gary McMahon , horror author; David Bradley, editor-in-chief of this here SFX ; and finally top editor Ellen Datlow , who went beyond the call of duty by judging stories in NYC whilst swamped by Hurricane Irene. Find out more about the inspiration for this competition, Jordan Reyne, New Zealand's premiere bloodthirsty Celtic rock and machine sounds performer, at her website . Reyne's new album, Children Of A Factory Nation , is being released in September and follows a family who lived in Wales in the late 1800s during the Industrial Revolution. She teamed up with Anarchy Books to run this short story writing competition. Well done to everybody involved!