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SFX Guest Star On TV Cream

TV Cream , the home of retro TV delights on the internet, is going sci-fi with a special podcast that features a guest appearance from SFX Nick Setchfield.

When SFX asked the TV Cream team to describe the podcast this was the response: "Well, it's a bit daffy to be honest. The main conceit is that the TV Cream crew board Tommy Boyd and
Bonnie Langford's Saturday Starship (as featured on the 1980s morning show)and set off on a galactic quest to the planet Arg (from The Adventure Game) where they end up playing the vortex game.

Along the way, there's a look at the fraught history of the sci-fi theme song; an encounter with space buskers; The Davidson Dossier [NB TV Cream housestyle dictates we include that superfluous 'D' in Peter's surname] which is a packed with 'new' and 'exciting' info about the Fifth Doctor; a look back at BBC children's sci-fi whodunnit Captain Zep: Space Detective;
a guide to winning The Adventure Game; a snippet from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special; and Jon Pertwee reviewing a Star Wars game on the PC. Honestly.

“All that, plus a cameo from chocolate-voiced Nick Setchfield.”

Sounds like a winner to us! You can find the podcast here .