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SFX Caption Competition #3

Here’s this week’s image that’s just crying out for a caption, taken from ABC’s Once Upon A Time . Not sure what’s going on’? Dont worry – that’ll probably just help get your captioning juices flowing.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll pick a winner… erm, at some point in the future (we’re not really getting into the weekly groove just yet, but fingers crossed). And you can influence – though not dictate – our decision by using the “Like” buttons, but the judges’ decision is final.

Congratulations to spartan118 for that one (we’ll be in touch), which was the unanimous favourite in the SFX office for its brief simplicity and punning elegance, although quite a few others tickled out fancy too (the suggestions from TonyC68 and gazzaro especially).

Special mention too for DocSavage for resurrecting that SFX classic, “The Pet Shop Boys try out their new image.”

You can view all the suggested captions for the previous caption compo on this page .