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Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard boss guide: How to beat the large, angry man

Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard boss guide
Image credit: Boss Fight Database/YouTube
(Image credit: Boss Fight Database/YouTube)

The Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard boss fight is another instance of cheesable AI. If you go to the far left-hand side of the river and sneak through the building here, you can come out next to Juzou. If you simply do this again and again until only he remains the fight is far easier, especially when compared to some other Sekiro fights. You can even land a stealth hit on Juzou this way which literally halves the difficulty of the fight. Here's our top tips for how to beat the Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard boss.

How to beat the Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard boss

Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard boss guide

This is another boss who really doesn’t like the oil/Flame Vent combo, so feel free to abuse that to make it far easier. There is also an NPC on the riverbank who can assist you throughout the fight. If you managed to kill off all the little minions without getting the NPC involved then you can destroy Juzou by waiting for the boss to be focussed on your assistant and just attacking his back. 

Those two little cheeses aside, the fight itself is mostly a matter of avoiding both his unblockable attacks and the clouds of poison he spews out. His sword is fairly easy to read and you should be able to parry his attacks with relative ease if you have been practising up to this point. Do keep an eye out for his sweeping attack, when he unleashes this you should jump towards him and jump off of him to do extra posture damage. 

If you can use a mixture of all of the above then Juzou will crumble before you like the last man at a bar. Make the most of your extra mobility to run away and heal when necessary and you’ll be ready for the real challenge of the Hirata Estate.

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