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Save £378 on a Sky Sports deal with BT Sport bundle this weekend

Sky Sports TV deals
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Sports is, well, Sky Sports: the best place to watch all the major sporting events, all year round. If you're at all interested in keeping up, there isn't really a better way. The rub is that, because the coverage is so comprehensive, packages can often be pricy. But not right now as Sky is offering some pretty incredible Sky Sports deals, one of them with a BT Sport bundle too. 

For a limited time, Sky is offering big discounts on its basic Sky Sports and Sky Sports + BT Sport packages, ensuring that you don't miss a second of the game, match, event – whatever it is, you'll be there from the first second to the last. The standard package has eight dedicated HD channels (plus Sky Q) filled to the brim with sports.

We won't bore you with exactly what's on offer (140 Premier League games, F1, Gold Majors, NFL, Cricket) besides saying that it's a lot, and right now the prices are better than they been all summer. So let's jump into the deals.

This week's best Sky Sports TV bundles

So, if you've been on the fence about getting Sky Sports for a while, or want a better deal than you currently have, Sky is offering some pretty tasty discounts, saving you nearly £400 over the contract on the Sky sports with BT Sport deal. Don't miss out.