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The best cheap broadband deals and offers: prices and speeds compared

best broadband deals cheap bundles offers

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Tracking down the best cheap broadband deals can often feel a little overwhelming with so many providers vying for your cash. But that's where we come in. Our price comparison technology lists all the best companies and lets you filter down the long lists to find something tailor-suited to your needs. 

Broadband offers aren't limited to certain times of the year, we can always find a list of cut-priced promos for you, as here in the UK, the market is fiercely competitive. Incentives or freebies can include a range of items: slashed bill prices, gift cards, smart speakers, TV streaming subs and even video game consoles are regular stars of our best broadband deals roundups.

Other filter options to help you narrow down the search include speed, contract length, monthly cost thresholds, providers and if you'd like a phone connection too - many people are ditching this later feature to save a few quid and just rely on their mobile instead.

Broadband bundles with extra TV channels are popular picks too from the likes of BT and Virgin, although you can get even cheaper alternatives nowadays from TalkTalk and Now Broadband (of Now TV fame). You can browse all of these bundles below in our comparison chart.

GamesRadar's Broadband Deals of the Week

BT Superfast Fibre 2 | Inc. £80 Reward Card | 67Mb average speed | 24 months | £10 upfront | £29.99 per month
BT has just knocked £10 off the monthly charge for its Superfast Fibre 2 broadband deal. That's a massive £240 discount over the course of the contract. An amazing deal for the 67Mb connection speeds and only £5 a month more than the much slower 36Mb deal BT has. Better yet, there's a free £80 Mastercard Reward Card to spend pretty much wherever you like. The total cost over 24 months is £729.76.
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TalkTalk Faster Fibre | Inc. £40 gift card | 38Mb average speed | 18 months | FREE upfront | £22.95  per month
Even without the £40 gift card incentive (choose from Amazon, M&S and more), this is an excellent price for a reliable connection with solid average download speeds. 38Mb is more than capable of streaming 4K content, downloading large files and online gaming without breaking a sweat. It'll do lots of things simultaneously, but if multiple devices want to stream 4K at the same time (multiple HD is fine), then you might want something faster (see above deal). Prices are guaranteed throughout the contract too, so you won't get any nasty surprise price hikes. The total price over the 18-month contract is just £413.10.
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Want to see even more options? Simply pop in your postcode below to filter the list of broadband deals down to what's available in your area.

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