Red Dead Online roles and character resets are finally coming, and STOP EVERYTHING YOU CAN HAVE A PET DOG

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Back in May, Red Dead Online finally left beta testing, promising a bunch of ambitious new changes to Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component with it, as Rockstar doubled down on trying to make its social Western simulator as successful as GTA Online

One of said promised updates was a bold new role-playing system, which would introduce a number of classes into the game and allow players to specialise their skill-sets as a multiplayer cowpoke. We haven't heard much about Roles since then, but Rockstar has today confirmed its planning to release the first three in a near future update very soon, providing details on how they'll work in practice. 

First up is the Bounty Hunter, which is likely to be a popular choice. This Role is able to hunt down targets (both human and non-human) for profit, and is able to wield a "reinforced lasso for extra-tough targets" alongside "intricate gun-spinning tricks and advanced tracking skills like the ability to use Eagle-Eye while sprinting, galloping on horseback" and more. 

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(Image credit: Rockstar)

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Next, we have the Trader, who specialises in commerce and capitalism. Selecting this role allows you to build a business by collecting, producing, and selling valuable materials in Red Dead Online's economy, with a variety of exclusive Camp Upgrade options, including "a Weapons Locker, Stew Pot and even allow any canine companion to warn of impending attacks on the camp." That's right; pet dogs are coming to Red Dead Online, as if we haven't waited long enough already. 

Last, but not least, there's the Collector, who - as you might imagine - is great at collecting things. More specifically, playing the Collector sets you down a path of exploring the world for rare commodities and treasures, and you'll do so with the help of a metal detector, refined binoculars, and special horse lantern. 

In addition to all this, Rockstar is bringing a variety of quality of life updates to Red Dead Online, including major improvements to the controls and movement system, plus the ability to reset your character's appearance, and much more. Check out the full details on Rockstar's Newswire here for more info. The studio has yet to announce a firm release date for the update, but rest assured it'll be here soon. 

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