Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon list: Every shadow monster available to catch in-game for August 2019

Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon
(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon are now in the game thanks to the recent Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasion, but much like the pocket monsters on the Pokemon Go shiny list, only specific ones can be shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon were first seen in Pokemon Colosseum but now they've made their way over to Pokemon Go, and they look fantastic, with a purple aura around them. Here's a complete, regularly updated Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon list, with all the shadow Pokemon available in the game right now.

What are Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon?

Pokemon Go shadow Charizard

(Image credit: Niantic)

Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go are some Pokemon that Team Rocket have brought with them. Whenever you defeat a Team Rocket GO Grunt at a pokestop they've taken over, you'll have the opportunity to catch a shadow Pokemon that they've left behind. They're easily distinguishable due to the purple aura around them, red eyes, and when you catch them, you'll notice that their CP is significantly lower than you'd expect.

This is because when you catch a shadow Pokemon, you've got the option of spending a few candy and stardust to purify it. This will increase each IV stat by two and raise the CP considerably, making it a much more formidable fighter. You could also keep it as a shadow Pokemon though, because like I said before... they look badass.

Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon list

Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon - Charmander

(Image credit: Niantic)

Here's the complete list of all Pokemon Go shadow Pokemon in order of their Pokemon Go Pokedex number, along with all of their evolutions. Note: you can only catch the base Pokemon as a shadow type in this table, and then you can evolve it into the higher types. 


We'll continue to update this list whenever new shadow Pokemon are released and until then, get out there and save those Pokemon!

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