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Pokemon Go Rocket Straight to Victory: How to catch Victini in the Go Fest 2020 special research

Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Victini
(Image credit: Niantic)

During the second day of the global event, players will get their hands on the Pokemon Go Rocket Straight to Victory special research task. This is how you can finally add Victini to your collection in Pokemon Go, the mythical Pokemon first discovered in the Unova region, but what does it entail? We've got the details for this Pokemon Go Fest 2020 special research right here, so read on for everything you need to know.

Pokemon Go Rocket Straight to Victory rewards

What will you earn by completing the Rocket Straight to Victory special research? Well, Victini is a dead cert; it was teased over a month ago with a silhouette, so will be the mythical Pokemon available this year, following on from Jirachi last year. The professor has also mentioned during the first day of Pokemon Go Fest that he's "feeling a great energy filled with hope and determination", which matches Victini's description perfectly.

It's confirmed that alongside the main reward of Victini, you'll also encounter "Pokemon that can help you defeat the Team GO Rocket leaders". We know that they're going to have different and stronger lineups, so make sure you get some of these Pokemon before taking them on.

There's also a rumour circulating that Shadow Mewtwo may come into play, but we're unsure if it will be through the special research. Time will tell, but you can definitely expect lots of item rewards and likely some extra Victini candy too.

Pokemon Go Rocket Straight to Victory research tasks

Put simply, we don't have the breakdown of the Rocket Straight to Victory tasks yet, because they're not in the game! Going off the whole Team Rocket theme however, expect to be battling grunts, rescuing shadow Pokemon, and purifying them. Chances are, you'll also need to take some snapshots and catch different species of Pokemon, if previous Go Fest special research tasks are anything to go by. 

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