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Party Hat Wurmple is found in Pokemon GO datamine, confirmed ready to celebrate

(Image credit: Niantic)

The latest Pokemon Go leak suggests our greatest wish has finally come true - Party Hat Wurmple may be coming to the game. Data miners discovered a number of Pokemon in the game's code that are getting ready for the New Year, donning party hats and getting ready to trot about in the wild looking unbelievably adorable. The existence of Party Hat Wurmple was first reported by Reddit user lewymd, along with Party Hat Raticate and Party Hat Wobbuffet. 

We've been waiting for a Party Hat Wurmple to wander onto our screens since the little dude was seen on Pokemon Go's New Years 2018 loading screen. There were quite a few Pokemon celebrating the New Year, but only one was wearing a party hat - our little Wurmple. Fans across the world begged for the festive dude to join the ranks of wild Pokemon, a petition was started, fan art spread like wildfire, and overall a great fuss was made. Rightfully so.

But now, two years later, it looks like we're getting what we wanted, and then some. We're not sure when (or technically, if) Party Hat Wrumple, Party Hat Raticate, and Party Hat Wobuffet will stroll into the game, but we can expect it to be on or around New Years Eve and New Year’s Day 2020. Keep your eyes peeled, because a Party Hat Wrumple sighting is definitely a sign of good luck in the New Year. 

Check out all you can expect from this weekend's Pokemon Go Community Day December 2019, the last event of its kind of the year! That's worth a Party Hat Wurmple celebration. 

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