How to find Pokemon Go Mysterious Components and battle Team Rocket leaders

Pokemon Go Mysterious Components
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Pokemon Go Mysterious Components appear as part of the Team Rocket invasion. These are items that drop when trainers defeat Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go and, ultimately, let you take the fight to the leaders of this nefarious group.

These items can’t be used in the overworld, but by gathering enough Mysterious Components Pokemon Go trainers can take on the three Rocket leaders; Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo. Defeating them will also lead trainers to find the Team Go Rocket boss, Giovanni.

Of course, there’s a bit more to Mysterious Components in Pokemon Go that trainers will want to know and that’s where this guide comes in. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Mysterious Components and the Rocket Radar.

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How to find Mysterious Components

How to find Mysterious Components

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Mysterious Components are items that can be obtained after defeating Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go.

Rocket Grunts can be found in PokeStops that have been “taken over” by the team. These PokeStops are signified in the overworld by changing color from light blue to black. If The PokeStop is further away, then you’ll notice the PokeStop being a darker shade of blue and shaking. Getting in the proximity of this PokeStop will reveal the Grunt there.

Defeating a Team Go Rocket grunt will automatically give trainers a Mysterious Component to add to their bag. Collecting six of these will allow trainers to merge them into a new item called the Rocket Radar.

Building a Rocket Radar

When you collect your sixth Mysterious Component you'll be given the option to combine them all to create a Rocket Radar. This will intercept transmissions and enable you to track down the three Team Go Rocket Leaders.  

Simply press “equip” and the components will merge into this new radar. It’ll appear in the top right corner of your screen and will help trainers track down the leaders in various PokeStops.

Since the Rocket Balloons have become a thing in Pokemon Go, trainers don’t necessarily have to travel to find and battle the leaders. Once the Rocket Radar has been assembled, usually, the next Rocket Balloon that appears above your avatar will have one of the three Rocket Leaders. This will start a battle with them.

Battling the Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket leaders 

Pokemon Go Rocket Retreat Event

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The Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket leaders are Cliff, Sierra and Arlo. Fighting them plays out in a similar way to the Trainer and Grunt battles. Defeating them will earn you Stardust and an item like Revives, Potions and sometimes even evolution stones. Of course, trainers will need to have room in their item bag to obtain them.

When it comes to actually battling Cliff, Sierra and Arlo, there are a few things trainers need to know. 

First, they all use Shadow Pokemon. These Pokemon have increased attack power but their defenses are lower than normal or purified Pokemon. If you’re wondering how their Bidoof is dealing as much damage as it is, that’s your reason.

Second, they have two shields - like you do - and will use them automatically on your first two charged attacks. The key is to get them to use them as fast as possible with Charged Attacks that don’t need a lot of energy to perform and then begin walloping their Pokemon. 

As for their teams, it changes periodically depending on an event or season. However, you can track all three teams in our in-depth guides below.

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