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Grab a 500GB PS4, Call of Duty WW2, Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 AND 2 months of NOW TV for just £229.99

Outside? Who needs outside? Answer: definitely not you with this frankly ridiculous bundle. This deal has everything you need to cover almost every gaming genre, and is one of the best Black Friday gaming deals around. First off there’s the brand new Call of Duty WW2, then Fallout 4, a massive openworld RPG with hundreds of hours’ worth of story. Or maybe you want to be sneaky and stab people from behind with Dishonored 2, in which case this bundle also has you covered. Seriously, there’s something for everyone here. 

PS4 500GB bundle:

PS4 500GB bundle: Never go outside again with this 500GB PS4 with Call of Duty WW2, Fallout 4, That’s You, Dishonored 2, and 2 months of NOW TV for £229.99 from GAME

Even though all these games might tempt you to never socialise ever again, you’re going to want to see your friends with That’s You, a multiplayer game perfect for parties. Or you could play it with your various plushies or mannequins stored in your abode in a vague attempt to make you feel like you’re getting your daily quota of interaction. Ahem.