Where to find all the Fortnite Forbidden Dance locations

Well, Fortnite season 7 is finally here, and one of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges is to dance in forbidden locations. If you’re struggling to find area where moving your body to the beat is strictly prohibited, have no fear: we’ve found the 11 Fortnite forbidden dance locations where you can boogie on down, although it’s worth pointing out that you only need seven to complete the challenge. Simply head to each location, and do a dance emote to tick off the objective. Easy! Just keep reading to see where to find the Fortnite forbidden dance locations. 

Northwest of Junk Junction

Head to Junk Junction in the B1 grid, then keep going Northwest until you come to the edge of the map. You’ll see a giant metal structure, and just beside it is a couple of pallets and the no dancing sign. 

On the mountain south of Pleasant Park

Go to C4/C5 on the map, and make your way to the top of the mountain that’s just south of Pleasant Park. When you get to the top the sign is in between a couple of white trees, beside a zipline and a chest. 

East of Loot Lake

Make your way to Loot Lake, then head to E4 on the map and go up the rocky outcropping with a rowboat stranded on it. By the boat is a no dancing sign. You know what to do. 

Go to Lazy Links in F2, then make your way to the promenade that stretches into the lake on the northeast side. At the end you’ll find a chest, a couple of benches, and the no dancing sign. 

West of Wailing Woods

Journey towards Wailing Woods and H3 for this one, and you’ll find the no dancing sign by some rocks, an RV, and a car on a rocky outcropping. 

Northeast of Risky Reels

I2 is where you need to head this time, to the ice cream truck found northeast of Risky Reels. Get there sharpish and you’ll be able to open the two nearby chests without any distraction before dancing at the sign, which is behind the ice cream truck.

Northeast of Dusty Divot

G5 is where you need to be, specifically northeast of Dusty Divot and right beside a zipline. The no dancing sign can be found here, on one of the bits of rock that jut out over the Divot below. 

Southwest of Dusty Divot

This one requires you to go up the pillar-shaped mountain: head to square F6 on the map, southwest of Dusty Divot, and make your way up the ziplines until you reach a small platform on the side of the mountain. You’ll find the no dancing sign in between some rocks, then it’s time to boogie on down. 

Southeast of Frosty Flights

Make your way to square B9, right in the corner of the map, to find this one. Go right to the top of the peak, and by a tent, a campfire, and a chest you’ll find the no dancing sign. Hey, at least dancing will warm you up somewhat, right?

At the southwestern edge of the map

You need to go right to the edge of the map for this one: head to box A9 on the map, and go all the way to the edge of the spikey land mass that juts out to sea. The no dancing sign is at the very edge (just make sure not to fall off, ok?). 

Southeast of Paradise Palms

Head to Paradise Palms, then go southeast until you get to the top of a big hill with three cacti in the I8 square. Along with two chests you’ll find the sign that strongly implies dancing is forbidden, then it’s time for you to bust some moves.