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Cats is being updated with "improved visual effects"

(Image credit: Universal)

In an unprecedented move, Universal is updating its cinematic reenvisioning of the musical Cats – which received relatively cat-astrophic reviews from critics earlier this week – with "some improved visual effects". A new version of the movie is being delivered to cinemas.

Insiders tell trade publication The Hollywood Reporter that a studio releasing an updated version of a movie already playing in cinemas is unheard of. They also claim that the Cats patch is being pushed by director Tom Hooper. 

Just before the movie premiered in the United States, Hooper revealed that he had been working on the visual effects up until the very last moment. Apparently the new version will include "tweaks" to certain effects, though the precise details are not known. The runtime is said to be the same.

Cats received a critical mauling upon release, with the musical not fairing any better with cinemagoers, who awarded the movie a C+ CinemaScore. In comparison, the divisive Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – which also opened in the United States on the 20th December – was awarded a B+ score. 

The Cats patch will be available to download by cinemas, while those exhibitors showing the movie who do not have access to the internet will receive hard drives later this week. Hopefully, we'll have more details on the changes soon.

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