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Black Friday Nvidia deals: More than just graphics cards?

Nvidia Black Friday deals
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Black Friday Nvidia deals are going to be one of the best chances we have this year of getting our hands on one of the best graphics cards, best gaming laptops, or best gaming PCs - but for less. 

Nvidia has a long and storied history of providing cutting-edge graphics through its line of GTX, RTX, and Titan series video cards, but the brand is also known for its G-Sync technology as well as the GeForce Now cloud gaming service, and the Nvidia Shield TV line of streaming boxes. 

Given the ongoing hardware shortage, if you're interested in getting yourself a top card or machine, the best Black Friday Nvidia deals are going to be worth a look - alongside the best Black Friday gaming PC deals, as well as the portable offerings among the Black Friday laptop deals. In a rough year for supply, we hold out hope that these deals will be the best chances to get quality gear and save some money along the way. 

When will the Black Friday Nvidia deals start?

Black Friday will be on November 26 this year and we should see Nvidia Black Friday deals on a range of graphics cards and machines for cut prices this year. It's common for the deals to start a few days earlier and wrap up on Cyber Monday, but we'd ensure you're prepared all over November and then a bit after the weekend into December too.

Where will the best Black Friday Nvidia deals be?

It's unlikely, but not impossible, that the RTX 30-series graphics card will make an appearance in the Nvidia Black Friday deals, but we're hopeful that some RTX 20-series cards and older GTX models will see lower prices than they have been experiencing over the past 18 months. There should also be hefty discounts on RTX- and GTX-powered laptops and PCs. 

stock available on Nvidia graphics cards as well as laptops, and shield TV gear
Newegg: deals on G-Sync monitors, older GPUs, and Shield TV boxes
Best Buy: there will be deals on graphics cards, laptops, and PCs at the big retailer

expect significant discounts on Nvidia-branded tech of all stripes
Currys: the UK favorite retailer should have big deals across Nvidia's tech
eBuyer: lookout for prebuilt PCs, gaming laptops, and graphics cards

Black Friday Nvidia deals: what to expect

Nvidia graphics cards may not be guaranteed on in the Black Friday Nvidia deals, but it's highly likely that gaming laptops, PCs, streaming boxes, and gaming monitors featuring the company's technology will be discounted to low prices this year. For example, we always see some money off laptops and PCs, but there were even discounts on the Nvidia Shield TV 4K and Nvidia Shield TV Pro last year, with both reduced by $21 in the sales period last year. 

Black Friday Nvidia Deals

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Today's deals

Of course, for most of us when we think of Nvidia in 2021, it's the company's line of flagship graphics cards, and knowing where to buy RTX 3060, where to buy RTX 3070, and where to buy RTX 3080 has become the key knowledge of 2021 in PC components. Yet, these GPUs are still incredibly challenging to find - especially for their MSRPs. 

Now, it's not impossible that there will be restocks at all the major retailers on the must-have Nvidia RTX graphics cards, but we think a big drop anywhere is unlikely to happen. At any rate, here's what you can currently expect from the larger online storefronts regarding the coveted, elusive, components. 

Taking the prebuilt route is the better option right now, as you can, sometimes, get yourself an RTX 3060 PC or an RTX 3070 PC for a genuinely good price. The established PC manufacturers (Alienware, Acer, HP) as well as boutique builders (iBuyPower, CyberpowerPC, AlphaSync), frequently have sales events on ready-made rigs featuring the RTX 30-series, so it pays to keep an eye on those builds leading into Black Friday Nvidia deals. 

Gaming laptops are really going to be the highlight of what's possible in the Black Friday Nvidia deals this year if the past trends we've observed are to be believed. Fortunately, RTX 30-series gaming laptop prices haven't quite skyrocketed to the more absurd rates the standalone GPUs have seen. Dell and Amazon tend to have the deepest savings on gaming laptops, with Dell G15 and Alienware m15 models usually being heavily discounted depending on the configuration. 

As we touched upon above, Nvidia is known for more than its graphics cards, the company has a tenured history in streaming boxes, especially through its cloud-based gaming network GeForce now and its Shield line. 

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