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Apex Legends crafting metal: What does it do and how do you earn it?

Apex Legends Crafting Metal is one of the currencies available in the game, which is separate from the Apex Coins and Legend Tokens, with the whole thing getting a bit confusing when they're put together. You can use Legend Tokens to unlock Legends and adding fresh colour schemes for the weapon skins you have already in Apex Legends, while Apex Coins are spent on items currently available in the shop. Apex Legends Crafting Metal can be used to bypass this to an extent, by allowing you to unlock any cosmetic items you choose, including skins, banner poses, and voice lines. There's so much to select from, with more than 2,000 cosmetics available already and even more due to arrive with future updates and seasons, so follow our Apex Legends crafting metal guide for all the information you need.

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How to earn Crafting Metal in Apex Legends

Technically, you can't buy Crafting Metal with Apex Coins, Legend Tokens or real money. The only way you can get more Crafting Metal is by opening Apex Packs, which are the small loot crate robots. Crafting Metal seems to drop very frequently from them though - for better or for worse - so the more Apex Packs you open, the more Crafting Metal you're going to accrue.

For the first 20 levels, every time you level up, you earn an Apex Pack. This means you can start earning Crafting Metal early on, but you'll quickly realise it's not enough. To unlock a single legendary item, you need to fork out 1,200 Crafting Metal. When you're only earning 15 Crafting Metal per common drop, you quickly realise it's one hell of a grind to even unlock one legendary.

What can you do with Crafting Metal?

As we mentioned above, Crafting Metal is spent on unlocking cosmetics. Head to the Legends tab of the lobby screen to look at all the cosmetics you can grab for your characters, while the Armory tab has everything to do with weapons. There's plenty to browse through, with approximately 1,880 cosmetic items in total. It's impossible to earn even half of the items in the game without spending real money, so make sure you spend your Crafting Metal wisely.

Of course, this may change in future with the start of Apex Legends season one and the upcoming battle pass in March, but at this early stage, you'll struggle to get all the cosmetics you want unless you get very lucky with your Apex Packs.

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