Apex Legends battle pass is here, here's how much it costs and how to level up

Players have had a good amount of time to rank up the Apex Legends battle pass since its release in late March. With 100 tiers and tons of weapon and character skins to collect, those who purchased the pass will most likely still be hacking away at it, attempting to grab the elusive Havoc skin that waits at the end of the gauntlet. With Apex Coins up for grabs too, it's a bit of a no-brainer if you hop on every night. If you'd like some more details, read on for our guide to the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

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How much does the Apex Legends battle pass cost?

The Apex Legends battle pass costs 950 Apex Coins for its base version, or 2,800 Apex Coins for the version that starts you out with the first 25 levels unlocked. Don't forget that there's a cheaper way to get enough Apex Coins for the base version on top of a bunch of other extras.

How to level up your Apex Legends battle pass

You can level up your Apex Legends battle pass just by playing like you normally would: all the XP you earn will also count toward your battle pass points. You can level up even faster by taking advantage of the Apex Legends Legend Bonus, which gives you up to 25,000 extra BP points per week per character. That should really get you climbing through the ranks.

Apex Legends battle pass has more seasons in store

Each Apex Legends season will last for three months, so the second season of the game should start in June. This first season is relatively low-key in terms of flashy rewards (and a lack of gameplay-influencing elements like challenges), so Apex Legends will have a lot of room to grow in that regard.

Apex Legends battle pass unlocks are full of skins

Just like in other battle royale games, the battle pass has a wide range of cosmetic items. From weapon and legend skins to character quips and banner poses, seemingly all the cosmetic types in the game feature in the battle pass. You can also get Apex Packs, and even some special purple-only Apex Packs, by leveling up.

The one thing that you won't be able to obtain from the Apex Legends battle pass is new Legends. They're the characters themselves, and as of right now you can spend Apex Coins or Legend Tokens on unlocking Caustic and Mirage. More Legends will be coming to the game, but not via the battle pass.

Does Apex Legends have weekly battle pass challenges?

Unlike Fortnite, there are no Apex Legends battle pass challenges. Respawn Entertainment could have some tricks up its sleeve that it will reveal later in the season, but for now you'll level up your pass simply by playing like you did before.

If you need some tips for succeeding at Apex Legends, check out our helpful video below.