Two new PS5 DualSense controllers are now available at Amazon UK

PS5 DualSense controller pre-order
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Today is UK release day for two new PS5 controllers - and they're live at Amazon right now. The brand-new Starlight Blue and Nova Pink variants of the excellent DualSense controller are out now and are likely to sell like hot cakes as PS5 owners have been calling for new colours for months. While these two are out now, it's worth noting that we're still not sure when the Galactic Purple colour is going to drop. Anyway, cutting to it, here are the links you need:

Announced a bit before Christmas, the wave of new colours coming to DualSense controllers tickled the fancy of many a PS5 owner (and those still chasing PS5 restocks, to be honest), as injecting a bit of individuality through coloured peripherals has always been a fun way to personalise one's PlayStation setup. 

We've had the Cosmic Red model for a little while now (which is lovely) and the Midnight Black version is also widely available too, but beyond that, options have been zero.

We've got both the controllers listed below, and we always keep the latest PS5 deals on accessories and more on these pages, so you have your options within easy reach.

PS5 DualSense Controllers at Amazon


PS5 DualSense controller (Starlight Blue) | £64.99 at Amazon
The first of two bright and cheery colours to be announced more recently, the Starlight Blue controller is available right now at Amazon. Inject some blue life into your setup now.


PS5 DualSense controller (Nova Pink) | £64.99 at Amazon
The Nova Pink model is also a breath of fresh air for those looking for brighter colours in their setups and in their hands - and you can buy it today! It's quite striking and vivid, but it is a nice alternative to the moodier colours we've had so far - if that's your thing.

More PS5 DualSense controller deals

If you want a bird's eye view of all the prices going on PS5 controllers, then the below price chart should give you the latest prices wherever you are on all the other colours that are available. The controller has been out for a while now (in its white form) so you may just find a good price cut or deal...

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