Transformers: Fall of Cybertron audio logs & blueprints locations guide

Chapter 12: Grimlock Smash

Audio Logs

1: At the start of the mission, Grimlock will fall through the floor and separate from Swoop. Go to the far end of the green liquid on the floor and there will be a small enclave there with the log inside it.

2: Once you fall through the floor a second time, continue to walk forward where the Insecticons begin to attack to find the audio log on the ground.

3: Just after you met up with Slug, you will be outside and need to knock down a pillar to cross a gap. Once over, go forward a few steps and then look to the right to see a small cave where the audio log is. Hop over the gap and break the orange pods to get it.

4: Once Slug helps you up the ledge after dealing with the swarm of Insecticons outside, go to the right before entering the tunnel and you will find the final audio log in an opening at the bottom of the ramp.



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